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Want the silky feeling of real skin? Try the PureSkin Vibrator. This soft, smooth vibrator features a solid core and a plush, velvety soft coating, making it feel just like a real, perfect penis. Ribs and ridges along the length of the PureSkin Vibrator add to the pleasurable sensation. This vibrator...
Price: $27.99
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PureSkin Vibrator - Feels Just Like The Real Thing
Bendable G-Spot Vibrator - Intense Vibrations loves the Bendable G-Spot Vibrator because it is a posa...
Price: $24.99
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Mini Magic Vibrator - Intense Clitoral Pleasure
Mini Magic Vibrator - Intense Clitoral PleasureWhy We Love the Mini M...
Price: $37.99
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PureSkin Vibrator - Feels Just Like The Real Thing
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0870-20-3
The PureSkin Vibrator feels more like the real thing than any other vibrator. This smooth, plushy vibrator is ribbed and ridged for more sensation.

Retail Price: $33.99
Vibrators Price: $27.99
You Save 18%

Bendable G-Spot Vibrator - Intense Vibrations
Vibrators Code #: V-PD1172-12 loves the Bendable G-Spot Vibrator because it is a posable vibrator that bends to massage your g-spot. This g-spot vibrator is a great value.

Retail Price: $29.99
Vibrators Price: $24.99
You Save 17%

Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0729-04-3
Enjoy non-stop licking when you experience the Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator. This tongue moves at turbo speeds and is sure to push you over the edge.

Retail Price: $29.99
Vibrators Price: $22.99
You Save 23%

Power Scoop Vibrator - With Soft, Licking Action
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0004-47-2
This ergonomic vibrator features a long handle that helps with reach, and a large, soft, flickering head that provides your clitoris with fluttering vibration.

Retail Price: $25.99
Vibrators Price: $19.99
You Save 23%

The Ribbed Ecstasy Vibrator - Strong and Sleek
Vibrators Code #: V47222
The Ribbed Ecstasy Vibrator features strong vibrations and a ribbed length that gives you more thrilling friction. This waterproof vibrator is made from premium, body-safe materials.

Retail Price: $49.99
Vibrators Price: $39.99
You Save 20%

The Classic Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V4983
The Classic Vibrator is a favorite inexpensive, basic vibrator. The Classic Chic is smooth and vibrates at multiple speeds. This vibrator measures up at seven inches in length.

Retail Price: $17.99
Vibrators Price: $14.99
You Save 17%

The Tattoo Vibrator - Powerful and Sexy
Vibrators Code #: V34230
The Retro Art is one of our most powerful vibrators: it nabbed the Vibrator Institute's top score, Unrelenting. This hard-shelled vibrator is ideal for external and internal thrills.

Retail Price: $24.99
Vibrators Price: $17.99
You Save 28%

First Time Bendable Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0004-27-2
The First Time Bendable Vibrator is a plushy soft vibrator with two pleasurable speeds. The Bendable Vibrator flexes and bends for great g-spot stimulation.

Retail Price: $22.99
Vibrators Price: $17.99
You Save 22%

Arielle Vibrator - Two Vibrating Petals
Vibrators Code #: V50600
The Arielle Vibrator features two wave-like petals. Each houses a vibrating motor. Use this vibrator for perfectly combined internal and external stimulation.

Retail Price: $39.99
Vibrators Price: $32.99
You Save 18%

Lia Pleasure O Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-4559-41-3
The Lia Pleasure O Vibrator is a small vibrator with a unique shape that stimulates your clitoris. This waterproof vibrator features ten functions of vibration.

Retail Price: $29.99
Vibrators Price: $23.99
You Save 20%

Petite Indulgence Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-4630-14-3
The Petite Indulgence Vibrator features a satiny-soft finish that glides over your most sensitive areas. This intense vibrator gives you targeted vibration.

Retail Price: $19.99
Vibrators Price: $16.99
You Save 15%

Water Dancer Rocket Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-VWDB
The Water Dancer Rocket Vibrator is a vibrator that's perfect for pleasurable clitoral stimulation during solo play or with a partner.

Retail Price: $23.99
Vibrators Price: $18.49
You Save 23%

Lighted Shimmers Bullet Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0845-15-3
The Lighted Shimmers Bullet Vibrator is a turbo bullet that lights up for more fun in the dark. This small bullet vibrates with intense power.

Retail Price: $19.99
Vibrators Price: $14.99
You Save 25%

Je Joue G-Ki Vibrator - Custom G-Spot Pleasure
Vibrators Code #: V-G-KI
The adjustable G-Ki pleasures your g-spot with a customizable fit. This vibrator bends into a C-shape, delivering powerful vibrations inside and out.

Retail Price: $149.99
Vibrators Price: $119.99
You Save 20%

Pocket Tickler Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-A00665
The Tickler Vibrator slips into your purse and has the classic lipstick vibe look. It has a body-safe silicone tip and features pleasurable vibrations.

Retail Price: $24.99
Vibrators Price: $19.99
You Save 20%

Lipstick Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V31749
The Lipstick Vibe is an ultra-discreet multi-speed vibrator. It looks exactly like a lipstick, so you can carry it anywhere. It's perfect for clitoral vibrations.

Retail Price: $19.95
Vibrators Price: $14.95
You Save 25%

Fukuoku 9000 Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: S18129
The Fukuoko 9000 Vibrator fits around your finger to massage all the right places. This powerful massager comes with textured silicone sleeves.

Retail Price: $24.99
Vibrators Price: $14.99
You Save 40%

Wet and Wild Vibrator Kit
Vibrators Code #: V-PD2023-00
The Wet and Wild Vibrator Kit is a great way to sample vibrators and sex toys. This sex toy kit includes everything you need to find out what you like.

Retail Price: $39.99
Vibrators Price: $34.99
You Save 13%

Free Vibrator With Your Order - Order Now.
Vibrators Code #: 1-FREE-VIBE
You can order this Free Vibrator with your shipment.

Retail Price: $9.95
Vibrators Price: $0.00
You Save 100%

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