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On the Lookout for Innovative Sex Toys?

You are a Wild Whitney if you own a few sex toys and you're looking for something new and different. Find suggestions for Your Best Vibrator here.

Our new and different sex toys for the wild girl in you. Find suggestions for sexy vibrators here at
Wild Whitney - You're Looking for New & Exciting Vibrators.
If you're a Wild Whitney, then you know sex toys. You own a couple (or a dozen), and you're always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Are you looking to add something wild or different to your ever-expanding collection? Let the experts at point you in the direction of new sensations and experiences.

The following list details our favorite new sex toys. These toys are vastly different when compared side by side. The one thing they have in common? They're innovative, sexy and will please your inner bad girl again and again.

  • Thrusting Panther Vibrator: The Purring Thrusting Panther is a unique rabbit vibrator that vibrates, twirls and thrusts to give you ultimate stimulation. The Purring Thrusting Panther Vibrator features a bullet that vibrates over your labia and clitoris, and a shaft that thrusts in and out at multiple speeds, for a feeling that mimics the thrusting you feel during sex.

  • Club Vibe 2.0 Vibrator: Enjoy your own naughty secret when you wear the Club Vibe out to a bar or concert. This innovative vibrator vibrates to the music you hear. Any song, any type of music: the Club Vibe is a wireless vibrator that fits in the included pair of panties and rocks to each drum roll, bass line and guitar solo. This vibrator is amazing, fun, and stimulating.

  • Waterproof Rabbit: The Waterproof Rabbit is a jelly rabbit vibrator that combines clitoral vibration with a rotating shaft for an orgasmic combo. If you love your rabbit, try this one: You can immerse it in your bath for an ultra-private experience—or in your pool for an ultra-public adventure.

  • nJoy Pure Wand: Heat this dildo up or cool it down for entirely new sensual sensations. This dildo has an unbelievably perfect shape for g-spot stimulation. Experience this dildo by itself or add a vibrator for clitoral pleasure.

  • Deep Penetrating Electric Dildo: This latex vibe gives you extremely powerful vaginal and clitoral stimulation. This vibrator thrusts in and out all by itself, while the balls provide intense vibration to your labia and clitoris. This one is like a rabbit with an all-new twist.

  • The Anal Play Beginner Ki: This assortment includes three soft butt plugs and a larger anal vibrator. This high quality kit is perfect for beginners or those who wish to have a toy on hand for every mood or occasion. This kit is a great way to ease yourself into anal sex.

  • Ben-Wa Balls: Keep your vaginal muscles toned with Ben-Wa balls. Insert these balls any time to enjoy light vibrations and exercise the walls of your vagina. The result? Better sex and stronger orgasms. You can even wear them during sex for a completely new experience.

Platinum Rabbit - Has 7 Vibration Functions
Item Code: V16629
The Platinum Rabbit is a versatile rabbit vibrator that can be used in the bath, spa or shower. This powerful rabbit features easy-to-use controls and gives you lots of versatility.
Retail Price: $109.99
Vibrators Price: $64.99
You Save 41%

Anal Sex Toy Kit
Item Code: SG035
The Anal Sex Toy Kit is the perfect assortment of toys for you if you are curious about anal pleasures. The Anal Sex Toy Kit was designed to allow you to ease into anal play.
Retail Price: $54.99
Vibrators Price: $34.99
You Save 36%

Ben-Wa Balls
Item Code: S5675B
Ben-Wa balls have been used for centuries by women who want to strengthen their vaginal muscles. Ben-Wa Balls are known for their ability to stimulate you as well.
Retail Price: $19.99
Vibrators Price: $9.99
You Save 50%

A Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator
Item Code: V-SE-0663-14-3
With a thrusting shaft and nine speeds of clitoral vibration, the Thrusting Panther Vibrator does everything for you. Lie back and enjoy. This rabbit vibrator feels like the real thing ... only better.
Retail Price: $139.99
Vibrators Price: $89.99
You Save 36%

nJoy Pure Wand - G-Spot Heaven
Item Code: V93406
The nJoy Pure Wand was designed to provide a direct connection to your favorite spot. If you are curious about G-spot orgasms or female ejaculation, this is the toy for you.
Retail Price: $119.99
Vibrators Price: $79.99
You Save 33%

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