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We Vibe II Plus - The Lower-Cost, 2nd Generation We-Vibe

We Vibe II Plus - The Lower-Cost, 2nd Generation We-Vibe
We Vibe II Plus - The Lower-Cost, 2nd Generation We-Vibe   We Vibe II Plus - The Lower-Cost, 2nd Generation We-Vibe   
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The We Vibe II Plus is the second generation couple's sex toy. This waterproof vibrator is worn inside her vagina during sex. It does not feature a remote control, and is larger than the newest incarnation of the We-Vibe.
  • We-Vibe II Plus
  • A couples sex toy with six settings
  • Waterproof, rechargeable
  • Stimulates her clitoris and g-spot

  • a quiet, intense vibrator
    item description
    The We-Vibe II Plus is the 2nd generation of the We-Vibe, the world's most popular couple's sex toy. This sex toy is unique because it is worn by her during sex. The smaller end inserts into the vagina and stimulates her g-spot and his penis, while the larger end cradles her clitoris.

    The We-VIbe II Plus came out a few years ago. Since then, the makers of the We-Vibe have improved the design. The newer We-Vibes are smaller and feature a remote, which allows you to easily scroll through vibration levels and patterns. The We-Vibe 2 Plus is a little larger then the newer versions, and is made of a different type of silicone. The controls are directly on the vibrator, which means you need to reach down to change vibration settings.

    We definitely recommend the newer We-Vibes over the We-Vibe II Plus, but if you are looking for a lower-cost alternative, the We-Vibe II is a good one. It is 100% waterproof, and made of latex-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free silicone. It provides a lot of vibration for her, which makes orgasm during sex a more realistic possibility.

    Rechargeable. Comes with charging stand and USB cord (wall charger is not included). Wash with a sex toy cleaner, and use with a water-based lube.

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