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Wartenberg Wheel - For New Sensations

Wartenberg Wheel - For New Sensations
Wartenberg Wheel - For New Sensations   Wartenberg Wheel - For New Sensations   Wartenberg Wheel - For New Sensations   Wartenberg Wheel - For New Sensations   
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Item #: RG-PD4430-00
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The Wartenberg Wheel might look a little strange, but it provides unique, pleasurable sensations during bondage, massage and foreplay.
  • Wartenberg Wheel
  • For a sexy massage or bondage
  • Akin to a light scratching sensation
  • item description
    The Wartenberg Wheel Might look a little scary, or even like a kitchen tool, but it actually feels amazing on your skin! This little S&M device will give you goosebumps as your lover slides it against your skin. Enjoy the unique sensation, which is akin to being scratched lightly.

    The Wartenberg Wheel feels great all over the body. Use varying pressures to see what your lover likes. You can use it on intimate areas, the back, arms, legs ... you'll find the Wartenberg Wheel feels good anywhere you use it.

    For the best experience, use the Wartneberg Wheel during a massage, or get it out when your lover is restrained and blindfolded.

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