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Valentine's Day Sale

Valentines day sale on Vibrators and sex toys Jimmy Jane Form 2 Vibrator We Vibe 3 is a great couples vibrator The Ego Vibrating Cock Right Is Great for Couples To Enjoy
Give the gift of pleasure this Valentine's Day. The experts at have selected our favorite vibrators and romantic gifts for couples.
The We Vibe Sex Toy - Version We-Vibe 4 Plus
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V87743
The small, powerful We-Vibe 4 Plus is worn during sex to provide vibrations to your clitoris and G-spot. This is the most popular couple's sex toy of all time. Find out why!

Retail Price: $199.99
Vibrators Price: $178.99
You Save 11%

Ego Vibrating Cock Ring - Rechargeable and Stretchy
Vibrators Code #: V-JO-4800-10-3
The Ego e1 Vibrating Penis Ring is one of the highest quality couple's sex toys available. This soft, stretchy silicone ring has a large vibrating portion, bringing pleasure to both of you.

Retail Price: $129.99
Vibrators Price: $106.99
You Save 18%

Jimmy Jane Form 2 - The Unrelenting Clitoral Vibrator
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: COMBO-V-A02350
The Form 2 is the perfectly shaped, amazingly strong clitoral vibrator from Jimmy Jane. We love this rechargeable, luxury vibrator because it directs vibrations right to your clitoris and fits in the palm of your hand.

Retail Price: $169.99
Vibrators Price: $144.99
You Save 15%

The Pink Inspire Vibrator - Unrelenting Vibrations
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-4574-04-3
The Pink Inspire Wand Vibrator is stronger than the Hitachi Magic Wand! This multi-speed vibrator is small and powerful, with two incredible silicone attachments.

Retail Price: $104.99
Vibrators Price: $84.99
You Save 19%

Turn Your Man Into A Rabbit Vibrator
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V16351B
Make your man into the famous rabbit vibrator with the Rabbit Penis Ring. This soft rabbit stimulates you with fluttering paws and ears and a removable multi-speed bullet.

Retail Price: $34.99
Vibrators Price: $24.99
You Save 29%

Vibrating Panties - Pretty and Pleasurable
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0088-20-3
We love the Little Black Panty because it is a stylish and sexy pair of vibrating panties. Give your lover the remote and enjoy ten vibration settings of naughty pleasure.

Retail Price: $49.99
Vibrators Price: $39.99
You Save 20%

A Small Realistic Vibrator with Unrelenting Power
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0836-01-3
This smaller realistic vibrator features unrelenting vibration, which is hard to find in such an inexpensive vibrator. This powerful vibrator is phthalate-free and waterproof too.

Retail Price: $24.99
Vibrators Price: $12.49
You Save 50%

Us Vibrator - Great for Couples or Solo Play
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-4590-25-3
The Us Vibrator is a super-bendable vibrator that can hit your g-spot and clitoris at the same time. You can even wear this rechargeable during sex.

Retail Price: $79.99
Vibrators Price: $64.99
You Save 19%

Entice Vibrating Cock Ring - With Remote
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-4715-20-3
The Entice Vibrating Cock Ring is a special pick. We love this couple's sex toy because it's strong, well-made and features a remote for easier use.

Retail Price: $49.99
Vibrators Price: $39.99
You Save 20%

Gemstone Butt Plug - Small and Sexy
Vibrators Code #: V-PD4436-23
The Gemstone Butt Plug is an aluminum butt plug that's perfect for beginners or those who desire a little extra butt bling. Warm it up or cool it down for extra exciting sensations.

Retail Price: $24.99
Vibrators Price: $11.99
You Save 52%

Fetish Set - Handcuffs, Gag & More
Vibrators Code #: RG-SE-1989-10-3
This Fetish Set contains a blindfold, a ball gag, handcuffs, nipple suckers and a feather tickler. This is a great way to try out all kinds of new tricks and treats!

Retail Price: $32.99
Vibrators Price: $24.99
You Save 24%

Our favorite couples' vibrators were created to give both partners vast pleasure. Try a vibrating penis ring, or an innovative toy like the We-Vibe, which stimulates her clitoris and g-spot. Remote control vibrators give date nights the thrill of spontaneity, and kits provide erotic sensations for both lovers. We've included a selection of handcuffs and restraints for our 50 Shades of Grey fans—and those who just plain want to try something new and sexy. Erotic instructional books and DVDs can help you learn how to give your lover new types of pleasure, while massage oils and massage candles allow you to heal your partner with the power of touch. This Valentine's Day, spend the evening in bed with your partner, connecting and pleasuring, with the help of vibrators and romantic gifts from
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