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Unusual Vibrators and Sex Toys The Lelo Soraya vibrator The We Vibe 4 This vibrator rubs your g-spot proudly sells all sorts of different vibrators. We try our best to group them into categories, but some of these sex toys just don't fit into a normal category. We place them here on our page of unusual vibrators and sex toys. It's a pretty interesting page to browse, so take a look! We hope you enjoy the selection of products we offer in our completely private store.
The Saddle - Even Better Than The Sybian
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-XR-AF127
The Saddle is a lower-cost, higher-quality replacement for the Sybian. Unlike its predecessor, it features a comfortable faux-leather seat and a removable coiled remote control. Best of all, it is available for under $1000.

Retail Price: $1,499.99
Vibrators Price: $999.99
You Save 33%

The Womanizer Plus - Will Suck and Vibrate Your Clitoris
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-A04614
The Womanizer Plus is the hottest sex toy this year! The Womanizer Plus provides perfect stimulation to your clitoris—soft, consistent, rhythmic and amazing. See why women have been raving about this one.

Retail Price: $249.99
Vibrators Price: $179.99
You Save 28%

Lelo Soraya Vibrator - Black - With Free Lube!
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: COMBO-V37713
The Lelo Soraya will be your favorite vibrator. The rechargeable Soraya boasts two points of vibration and is completely waterproof. This vibrator feels as amazing as it looks.

Retail Price: $299.99
Vibrators Price: $239.99
You Save 20%

The We Vibe Sync
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-87759
The small, powerful We-Vibe Sync is worn during sex to provide vibrations to your clitoris and G-spot. This is the most popular couple's sex toy of all time, and can be controlled from anywhere via app.

Retail Price: $199.99
Vibrators Price: $149.99
You Save 25%

G-Spot Rubbing Vibrator - Incredible
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V47918
The G-Spot Rubbing Vibrator massages your g-spot in a brand new way. This vibrator features ten modes of vibration and a little pearl that rubs your g-spot over and over.

Retail Price: $129.99
Vibrators Price: $79.99
You Save 38%

King Cock Double Penetrator
Vibrators Code #: V-PD5411-23
The King Cock Double Penetrator is part of the King Cocks line of high-quality, realistically textured and shaped vibrating dildos. It stands out from the rest with not one but two realistic vibrating cocks to double your pleasure.

Retail Price: $89.99
Vibrators Price: $59.99
You Save 33%

G-Spot Stroking Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V53069
The G-Spot Stroking Vibrator features a deep g-spot curve, ridges and bumps, and a bead that strokes your g-spot over and over!

Retail Price: $129.99
Vibrators Price: $89.99
You Save 31%

This Double-Ended Vibrator Is A Million Sex Toys In One
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V52230
The Ultra-Flexible Vibrator is two feet long. Imagine two strong bullet vibrators connected by smooth, uber-flexible silicone. This vibrator can act as a rabbit, a cock ring, a double dildo and more.

Retail Price: $139.99
Vibrators Price: $89.99
You Save 36%

Dillio Inflatable Riding Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-PD-5381-11
The Dillio Inflatable Riding Vibrator is a one-of-a-kind vibrator that you can sit on and ride. It includes two interchangeable dildo sleeves and a multi-speed remote to customize your experience.

Retail Price: $109.99
Vibrators Price: $69.99
You Save 36%

Mimic Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-A02012
The mimic vibrator perfectly and ergonomically conforms to the shape of your body, as if it were made just for you.

Retail Price: $149.99
Vibrators Price: $99.99
You Save 33%

Lickity Split Tongue Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-NSN-0325-14
We love the Lickity Split Vibrator because its texture provides more stimulation, either internal or external. This strong vibrator gives you unique massage and is rechargeable.

Retail Price: $63.99
Vibrators Price: $38.99
You Save 39%

Intensity - An Advanced Kegel Exerciser and Vibrator
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-JO-4710-00-3
The Intensity Kegel Exerciser and Vibrator is the first of its kind. This dual-purpose vibrator provides intense vibration, while toning your vaginal muscles for better orgasms.

Retail Price: $299.99
Vibrators Price: $249.99
You Save 17%

Clitoral Kisser Vibrator - Incredibly Powerful
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0522-10-2
The Clitoral Kisser has an amazing shape that's sculpted to envelope your clitoris. This unrelenting, powerful vibrator is a favorite.

Retail Price: $30.99
Vibrators Price: $20.99
You Save 32%

The Eroscillator - Top Deluxe Model (The Best One)
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-EROS-DE
The Eroscillator is one of the best clitoral sex toys out there. We strongly recommend this sex toy for any women who has difficulty orgasming or who hasn't had an orgasm before.

Retail Price: $249.99
Vibrators Price: $194.99
You Save 22%

Sqweel 2 - Simulates Oral Sex
Vibrators Code #: V20678B
The Sqweel 2 is a unique sex toy that simulates oral sex with its 10 licking tongues. The Sqweel 2 takes batteries and features three speeds of licking.

Retail Price: $74.99
Vibrators Price: $36.99
You Save 51%

The Robo Lick - Simulates Oral and Penetrates!
Vibrators Code #: V-AE706
The Robo Lick is a one-of-a-kind sex toy that simulates oral sex and penetration at the same time. It's the only sex toy that features both a wheel of rotating tongues and an insertable vibrating wand.

Retail Price: $85.00
Vibrators Price: $49.99
You Save 41%

Shegasm Stimulator
Vibrators Code #: V-AE863
The Shegasm Stimulator is a one-of-a-kind clitoral vibrator that creates a uniquely pleasurable suction sensation around your clitoris to bring you pleasure in totally new ways.

Retail Price: $79.99
Vibrators Price: $49.99
You Save 38%

Love Stick Bendable Vibe
Vibrators Code #: V-AE907
The Love Stick Bendable Vibe is one of the most flexible vibrators we've ever seen. You can bend it to fit the curves of your body and hit your pleasure points just right!

Retail Price: $59.99
Vibrators Price: $39.99
You Save 33%

Ruby Glow Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V10RBGLRR-F
The Ruby Glow Vibrator is designed to be used hands-free while sitting down. This makes it an ideal vibrator for women who dislike penetration or have mobility issues.

Retail Price: $59.99
Vibrators Price: $39.99
You Save 33%

Leopard Mini Massager
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0547-40-2
The Leopard Mini Massager is a smaller vibrator that delivers surprisingly powerful vibrations despite its size. It can be used for either internal or external stimulation.

Retail Price: $19.99
Vibrators Price: $11.99
You Save 40%

iScream Vibe
Vibrators Code #: V97501
The iScream Vibrator is an adorable little vibrator that's shaped like a vanilla ice cream cone. It's also surprisingly powerful for such a cute little thing!

Retail Price: $89.99
Vibrators Price: $59.99
You Save 33%

Alluring Clitoral Sucker
Vibrators Code #: V3205
The Alluring Clitoral Sucker envelops your clitoris in silky-smooth silicone, with a combination of vibration and suction sensations to bring you amazing clitoral orgasms!

Retail Price: $119.99
Vibrators Price: $79.99
You Save 33%

Rechargeable Clitoral Pump
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0625-10-3
The Rechargeable Clitoral Pump is a clitoral pump with twelve functions of synchronized vibration and suction designed to bring you a totally new and totally orgasmic experience!

Retail Price: $79.99
Vibrators Price: $49.99
You Save 38%

A Sucking and Vibrating Clitoral Pump
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0623-50-3
Three distinct speeds and controllable suction make this vibrating clitoral pump a dream come true. Use it with lube for amazing sucking sensations.

Retail Price: $34.99
Vibrators Price: $21.99
You Save 37%

Intimate Dancer Arousal Pump - Sucks and Strokes
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0600-14-3
The Intimate Dancer Arousal Pump is a sex toy that provides suction, vibration and the caressing of 50 soft tendrils. Control your pleasure with the easy-to-use pump.

Retail Price: $44.99
Vibrators Price: $29.99
You Save 33%

Clit Kisser Vibrator - A Vibrating Jelly Tongue
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0595-14-3
The Clit Kisser features a vibrating bullet paired with jelly lips and a flicking tongue. The Clit Kisser features multiple speeds of pleasurable vibration.

Retail Price: $29.99
Vibrators Price: $9.95
You Save 67%

The World's Biggest Vibrating Dildo
Vibrators Code #: V21766
The World's Biggest Vibrator is fifteen inches long and three inches in diameter. This flexible jelly vibrator vibrates all over and includes a wired controller and battery pack.

Retail Price: $109.99
Vibrators Price: $69.99
You Save 36%

Inspire Breast Massager
Vibrators Code #: W-SE-4810-50-3
The Inspire Breast Massager is a vibrating breast massager that can be used to increase blood circulation and relieve soreness.

Retail Price: $129.99
Vibrators Price: $79.99
You Save 38%

This is a collection of's most unique and unusual vibrators. We offer these innovative vibrators because their interesting shapes, materials and vibration patterns make them uniquely enjoyable. These strange vibrators might look a little different, but we think they are fun, sensual alternatives to more traditional sex toys. No matter which unusual vibrator you pick, you are guaranteed to have a new experience with pleasure.
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