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Top Ten Vibrators of 2014

The Ten Best Vibrators of 2013 Ten Best Vibrators - Silky G-spot vibrator The Fantasy Vibrator is powerful and Quiet The Orchid Vibrator Engulfs Your Clitoris for Great Orgasms The Vela Vibrator is Beautiful, Powerful, and Looks Great is happy to list the top 10 vibrators of 2014. This page contains the best of the best in vibrators. How do we know? Did you know that we test every vibrator for sound and vibration level in our search for the most powerful, quietest vibrators available? Did you know that we carefully choose materials, designs, and manufacturers to ensure your safety? We do, it is what makes the world's leading experts on Vibrators. So, when we nominate our top ten vibrators, you should really have a look.
Unrelenting G-Spot Vibrator - The World's Silkiest Vibrator
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-JO-8052-00-3
The KEY Ceres G Massager is an unrelentingly strong vibrator that's made of the silkiest silicone we've ever touched. You'll quiver and shiver when this vibrator massages your clitoris or g-spot.

Retail Price: $89.99
Vibrators Price: $69.99
You Save 22%

Fantasy Vibrator - Unrelenting Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrations
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Vibrators Code #: V-JO-4764-14-3
The Fantasy Vibrator is a girthy, substantial vibrator that surrounds your most sensitive areas and sends strong vibrations to your g-spot and clitoris.

Retail Price: $185.99
Vibrators Price: $157.99
You Save 15%

Vela Vibrator - Unrelentingly Powerful & Girthy
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-JO-8055-10-3
The Vela Vibrator is a large vibrator that's draped with luxurious silicone. This oscillating vibrator is ultra strong and quiet, with seven intense patterns of vibration.

Retail Price: $108.99
Vibrators Price: $89.99
You Save 17%

Wild Orchid Rabbit Vibrator - Engulfs Your Clitoris
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0662-20-3
The Wild Orchid Rabbit Vibrator envelopes your clitoris with soft suction and vibrations. Combined with shaft rotation and a g-spot vibrator, the Wild Orchid is a pleasure powerhouse.

Retail Price: $104.99
Vibrators Price: $84.99
You Save 19%

Lust L10 Vibrator - Flexible Shape Pleasures Every Woman
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-JO-4725-05-3
We are in love with the Lust L10 VIbrator. This vibrator has two vibrating motors: one for your clitoris, and one for your g-spot. It features a large shaft and a totally flexible clitoral stimulator, to give you perfect pleasure every time.

Retail Price: $129.99
Vibrators Price: $96.99
You Save 25%

The We Vibe Sex Toy - Version We-Vibe 4
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V87743
The small, powerful We-Vibe 4 is worn during sex to provide vibrations to your clitoris and G-spot. This is the most popular couple's sex toy of all time. Find out why!

Retail Price: $189.99
Vibrators Price: $159.99
You Save 16%

Lust Vibrator - With Three Vibrating Petals
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-JO-4721-00-3
With a small penetrative shaft and two petals that impart oh-so-strong vibrations, the Lust will be one of your favorite vibrators. Unusual and innovative, the Lust is perfect for all-over sensation.

Retail Price: $79.99
Vibrators Price: $57.99
You Save 28%

The Satisfier Vibrator - Uber-Strong!
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-SE-0728-05-3
Prepare to be satisfied over and over with the Satisfier Vibrator. This gyrating vibrator shakes with incredible strength. It is one of our strongest vibrators, even stronger than the Magic Wand.

Retail Price: $32.99
Vibrators Price: $24.99
You Save 24%

Lelo Ora - The Closest Thing to Oral Sex
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V98322
The Lelo Ora strokes, licks and flicks your clitoris as it vibrates, offering an intense experience like no other. Pulses, wave, long licks, short flicks ... you pick your pleasure with the Lelo Ora.

Retail Price: $239.99
Vibrators Price: $199.99
You Save 17%

Lust L16 Dual Motor Vibrator - Unrelenting & Flexible
Vibrators Pick
Vibrators Code #: V-JO-4731-00-3
The Lust L16 Dual Motor Vibrator has an amazing shape that will stimulate all your orgasmic zones. This petite vibrator is a powerhouse of vibration.

Retail Price: $129.99
Vibrators Price: $103.99
You Save 20%

At, we test every vibrator on the market for sound and vibration. We examine the materials, functions, vibration patterns, feel and quality of each vibrator. We only carry the best of the best, to make shopping easier for you. These are the Best Vibrators of 2014. These vibrators are made from high-quality materials; they're quiet; and they impart unbelievable, unrelenting vibrations. These are our expert picks: the vibrators we know you'll enjoy most.
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