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Play Rough with a Whip, Restraints, Kegel Balls & More

Play Rough with a Whip, Restraints, Kegel Balls & More
Play Rough with a Whip, Restraints, Kegel Balls & More   Play Rough with a Whip, Restraints, Kegel Balls & More   
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Item #: RG51801
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Retail Price: $119.99
Vibrators Price: $69.99
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The Sexperiments Bling & Sting Kit is a high-quality kit of BDSM sex toys. Play hard with a spreader bar, stinging whip, kegel balls, and polyurethane restraints.
  • Sexperiments Bling & Sting Kit
  • Features a whip, spreader bar, kegel balls and more
  • A gorgeous kit
  • item description
    If you want to go deeper into BDSM and bondage play, the Bling & Sting Kit is a wonderful kit to try. This kit includes soft but durable restraints, a blindfold, a spreader bar, a whip, and kegel balls. The restraints, cat o nine tails and mask all features gemstones for a supremely sexy look. loves the Bling & Sting Kit because it's gorgeous and effective. The high-quality restraints buckle on, and can be used for wrists or ankles. Attach these supple restraints to the spreader bar to keep her legs spread and waiting. Use the whip to inflict soft, sensual strokes or sharp, punishing pangs. The luscious blindfold covers her eyes as she awaits sensation. The Kegel balls add another layer of torturous pleasure to the mix.

    This kit is a great value for all you get, and it is truly luxurious. It will serve you for many play dates to come.

    Materials: Nylon, polyurethane, pvc binding, cubic zirconia, nickel-free metal, silicone, pyrex, copper, and wood.

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