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Our Strongest Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

Our Strongest Remote Control Bullet Vibrator
Our Strongest Remote Control Bullet Vibrator   Our Strongest Remote Control Bullet Vibrator   
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Our Strongest Remote Control Bullet Vibrator can be used by couples in the bedroom, or out on date night. The bullet vibrator can be used internally or externally for a myriad of thrills.
  • Our Strongest Remote Control Vibrator
  • Powerful yet quiet
  • Can be worn internally
  • Rechargeable

  • a quiet, intense vibrator
    item description

    Our Strongest Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

    Why We Love the Strongest Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

    Our Strongest Remote Control Bullet Vibrator is everything you could ever want in a remote control vibrator. We love this remote control bullet because it is small, strong and quiet. Let your lover control your pleasure from across a restaurant table as you eat dessert; or give them control as you dance at a nightclub. Have your lover sit across the bedroom and control the vibrations as you put on a show. The possibilities are endless with the Remote Control Bullet Vibrator.

    About the Strongest Remote Control Bullet

    The Remote Control Bullet Vibrator has ten uber-strong functions, all controlled by the keychain-ready remote control. The control features an easy on-off button, as well as a button that allows you to scroll through all ten vibration modes. There is no digital screen, so your lover may want to hold the vibrator before you use it, so they know just how each press of the button will pleasure you.

    The Remote Control Bullet Vibrator is compact, at just three inches long and 0.85 inches across. It has a retrieval cord for easy removal. It comes with a charger and USB cord. You can charge it at either a wall or a computer. Fifty minutes of charging gives you 30 - 35 minutes of pleasure.

    Use and Special Instructions

    This high-quality vibrator is made from phthalate-free silicone. Wash it with warm, soapy water and use with a water-based lubricant.

    Our Strongest Remote Control Bullet Vibrator Facts

    Type: Remote Control Bullet Vibrator
    Length: 3 inches
    Diameter: 0.85 inches
    Smooth and rigid
    Ten intense vibration modes

    Best for:Discreet on-the-go internal stimulation
    Who will love the Remote Control Vibrator: Women who like penetration; Women who like strong vibrations; Women who appreciate stolen sexy moments

    Understanding Sound and Vibration

    Here at, we test each and every vibrator for vibration and sound levels. Our Vibrator Institute doesn't test vibrators the way you might think; instead, we use scientific equipment that reads vibration and decibel levels. Based on these levels, each vibrator we sell gets a rating. The Power Level ratings are Gentle, Pleasurable, Intense and Unrelenting. The Sound Level ratings are Whisper, Purr, Hum, Buzz and Thundering. The Strong Remote Controlled Bullet Vibrator has a rating of Intense Purr. This means it vibrates at a strong level, and is pretty quiet.

    If the experts at don't like the look, feel, sound or vibration level of a vibrator, we don't sell it. That's why only sells about 300 vibrators. There are more than 20,000 vibrators on the market, and it's hard for customers to tell the difference between them. We narrow our vibrator selection down considerably to make shopping easy for you.

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