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Powerful Vibrator Category is pleased to announce the creation of a new category of Powerful Vibrators. Ever since we began using specialized equipment to test the power output of all of the vibrators on the market, visitors have wanted to know what vibrators are the most powerful. Now, we have placed all of the most powerful vibrators in one spot.

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  • Powerful Vibrators - A New Category - May, 2012 analyzes hundreds of sex toys to bring you the most powerful vibrators in the world. Their new category page, is where customers can privately purchase a vibrator that will work for anyone. is very concerned about our customers’ privacy, and having to ask about the power output of a vibrator is embarrassing. That is why we offer every visitor access to that information. Customers at can choose a vibrator that will meet their needs without having to ask. It is incredibly private.

    Privacy is also why we maintain the world’s most discreet shipping methods, why we never e-mail customers, and why we offer people the most private way to shop and buy a vibrator. When you operate a business in this private manner, customers appreciate the effort.

    In 2008 purchased some vibration measurement equipment and began using it to select new products. We eventually began ranking all of the existing items as well, and we have now published a power rating for every toy that we sell. From all of these products, we chose only the most powerful items to feature on the quiet-vibrators page. Many of these items earn our highest power rating “unrelenting”.

    About helps you find the perfect vibrator for you, in a private, safe, and professional environment.

    The Pink Inspire Vibrator - Unrelenting Vibrations
    Item Code: V-SE-4574-04-3
    The Pink Inspire Wand Vibrator is stronger than the Hitachi Magic Wand! This multi-speed vibrator is small and powerful, with two incredible silicone attachments.
    Retail Price: $129.99
    Vibrators Price: $84.99
    You Save 35%

    Clitoral Kisser Vibrator - Incredibly Powerful
    Item Code: V-SE-0522-10-2
    The Clitoral Kisser has an amazing shape that's sculpted to envelope your clitoris. This unrelenting, powerful vibrator is a favorite.
    Retail Price: $30.99
    Vibrators Price: $20.99
    You Save 32%

    The Touch Vibrator - Jumps and Shakes
    Item Code: V87730
    Not all vibrators are created equal. The Touch Vibrator is our favorite new pebble vibrator, because of its strong vibrations and luxurious feel.
    Retail Price: $139.99
    Vibrators Price: $89.99
    You Save 36%

    Jimmy Jane Form 2 - The Unrelenting Clitoral Vibrator
    Item Code: V-A02350
    The Form 2 is the perfectly shaped, amazingly strong clitoral vibrator from Jimmy Jane. We love this rechargeable, luxury vibrator because it directs vibrations right to your clitoris and fits in the palm of your hand.
    Retail Price: $209.99
    Vibrators Price: $144.99
    You Save 31%

    Unrelenting G-Spot Vibrator - The World's Silkiest Vibrator
    Item Code: V-JO-8052-00-3
    The KEY Ceres G Massager is an unrelentingly strong vibrator that's made of the silkiest silicone we've ever touched. You'll quiver and shiver when this vibrator massages your clitoris or g-spot.
    Retail Price: $89.99
    Vibrators Price: $39.99
    You Save 56%

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