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Weighted Orgasm Balls - For Kegels & Pleasure

Weighted Orgasm Balls - For Kegels & Pleasure
Weighted Orgasm Balls - For Kegels & Pleasure   
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Item #: FN-SE-1324-15-2
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quick facts loves these weighted Kegel balls because they tone your PC muscles for better orgasms. They shake and move inside you, causing internal pleasure as well.
  • Kegel Balls
  • Perfect for kegel exercises
  • Silicone and soft
  • item description loves the Weighted Orgasm Balls because they are a comfortable, pleasurable, effective way to tone your pelvic floor muscles—and they are inexpensive to boot!

    These high-quality orgasm balls are inserted into the vagina, where they will stay in place. You can use the balls to perform kegel exercises (instructions below), or just take a walk or pick up around the house: your vagina will become toned just by holding the balls in.

    The added bonus? The Weighted Orgasm Balls are made of soft, sexy, body-safe silicone, with some texture. They are weighted to shake and rub inside you. You'll feel pressure on your g-spot as you move. Adding a clitoral vibrator to the mix will give you amazing blended orgasms.

    To perform Kegel exercises: Try squeezing the balls with your vaginal muscles in one to three-second pulses, for a minute straight. Rest a minute and repeat the sequence again, three times. As you get stronger, lengthen the squeezes to five seconds.

    The Weighted Orgasm Balls are attached to a silky, easy-retrieval pull cord. Each ball is 1.4 inches in diameter.

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