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Mini Kegel Ball - Get Stronger with Two Weights

Mini Kegel Ball - Get Stronger with Two Weights
Mini Kegel Ball - Get Stronger with Two Weights   Mini Kegel Ball - Get Stronger with Two Weights   Mini Kegel Ball - Get Stronger with Two Weights   
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Item #: V-JO-8018-10-3
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This is the best kegel ball for women who want less penetration, or who have weak pelvic floor muscles. It comes with two balls of different weights. Work your way up to more weight.
  • Mini Kegel Ball
  • Comes with an extra weight
  • Train for better orgasms
  • item description loves the Mini Kegel Ball because it is a small shape and size that will fit most women. This is just one small kegel ball, instead of the traditional two. It comes with an extra, heavier kegel ball, so you can go up in weight as your PC muscles get stronger.

    This silicone kegel ball will give you a great workout, and give you pleasure, without being too large. It is perfect for beginners or women with very weak pelvic floor muscles. It will give you stronger PC muscles and better orgasms, the more you exercise.

    We love the Mini Kegel Ball because it comes with an extra weight. This set comes with two interchangeable balls: one is 30 grams, another is 40 grams. You can start with 30 grams, and as you feel your muscles strengthen, work your way up to the heavier ball.

    This soft silicone kegel ball is body-safe, phthalate-free, and smooth for easy insertion. It measures at one inch in diameter. The insertable portion of the Kegel ball is just one inch long. It features a soft retrieval cord for ease of removal.

    Use with a water-based lube and wash with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner or soap.

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