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Turn Your Man Into A Vibrator!

Turn Your Man Into A Vibrator!
Turn Your Man Into A Vibrator!    Turn Your Man Into A Vibrator!    Turn Your Man Into A Vibrator!    Turn Your Man Into A Vibrator!    
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Item #: MG017B
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Retail Price: $19.99
Vibrators Price: $15.99
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Optional Accessories
4 AA Duracell Batteries
Price: $4.49
Sex for Dummies Mini Book
Price: $5.99
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quick facts
This vibrating penis ring provides extra stimulation—for both partners. The stretchy penis ring gives him a fuller erection and a stronger orgasm, while the vibrating bullet provides incredible clitoral stimulation for her.
  • A vibrating penis ring
  • Gives him a firmer erection
  • Gives her clitoral stimulation
  • Takes 3 watch batteries, included

  • the quietest pleasurable vibrator
    item description
    Looking for an inexpensive way to rev up your sex life? Try the Wireless Ring of Passion.

    The Ring of Passion cock ring provides more clitoral stimulation during sex. The bullet can rest above his penis for clitoral stimulation, or you can turn it around for testicle vibrations. The constriction ring will provide him with an incredibly hard erection and a stronger, more intense orgasm. Both partners get extra stimulation from the Ring of Passion.

    This vibrating cock ring from is made of durable and stretchy jelly material with textured nodules for extra stimulation. It is a very reasonably priced vibrating penis ring. Wireless and reusable, it's one of the better vibrating penis rings available.

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    you may need
    4 AA Duracell Batteries
    S249-8848 recently compared different batteries. In our vibrator tests, Duracell brand lasted best.

    Retail Price: $5.49
    Vibrators Price: $4.49
    You Save 18%

    Sex for Dummies Mini Book
    Sex for Dummies is a mini book of sex tips and secrets by Dr. Ruth.

    Retail Price: $6.99
    Vibrators Price: $5.99
    You Save 14%

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