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The Love Light

The Love Light
The Love Light   The Love Light   
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Item #: S-NV.070
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The Love Light is the perfect way to let your lover know when you're in the mood for love. It's simple: if the light is on, then you're ready to get it on!
  • The Love Light
  • Comes with peel and stick adhesive pads
  • Takes 3 AAA batteries
  • The Love Light
    item description
    As well as you and your partner might know each other, neither of you is telepathic (we assume), and there will probably be times when you canít quite tell what they want. Are they in the mood? If they are, will asking them if they are ruin it? Do they want to initiate things, or do they want you to? Unless we all develop the ability to read minds overnight, thereís always going to be some uncertainty.

    And thatís where the Love Light comes in. No, it doesnít give you psychic powers - we tried. Instead, it alleviates all that confusion by giving your partner an easy way to let you know how theyíre feeling. If theyíre in the mood, all they need to do is press the Love Lightís large central button, and it will start to glow in a cascading rainbow of soft and sensual colored lights. This is the signal to let you partner know what time it is - when the Love Light is on, itís time to get it on.

    The Love Light comes with peel-and-stick adhesive pads, so you can stick it to your nightstand, the wall near your bed, or anywhere else thatís convenient. The Love Light requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

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