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Jimmy Jane Sex Toys

Jimmy Jane Vibrators are premium vibrators that are exquisitely designed. These top-quality vibrators come in perfect shapes for unbelievable pleasure.
Jimmy Jane Form 2 - The Unrelenting Clitoral Vibrator
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Vibrators Code #: V-A02350
The Form 2 is the perfectly shaped, amazingly strong clitoral vibrator from Jimmy Jane. We love this rechargeable, luxury vibrator because it directs vibrations right to your clitoris and fits in the palm of your hand.

Retail Price: $209.99
Vibrators Price: $144.99
You Save 31%

Jimmy Jane Form 3 Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-A02353
The five-time award-winning Form 3 Vibrator allows you to massage your clitoris in a whole new way. Micro-thin silicone turns this vibrator into an extension of your fingers. Some say the Form 3 feels like a tongue, only better.

Retail Price: $194.99
Vibrators Price: $144.99
You Save 26%

Jimmy Jane Form 4 Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: COMBO-V-A02354
The Form 4 Vibrator is a short, thick vibrator that imparts deep, rumbling vibrations. Luxurious and powerful, this premium vibrator can be used inside or out.

Retail Price: $194.99
Vibrators Price: $144.99
You Save 26%

Jimmy Jane Form 6 Vibrator - Two Motors for Extreme Pleasure
Vibrators Code #: V-A02356
The Form 6 is a waterproof, rechargeable vibrator that features an intense motor on each end. This versatile vibrator is the perfect shape for g-spot or clitoral stimulation.

Retail Price: $229.99
Vibrators Price: $174.99
You Save 24%

The Hello Touch - Turns Your Hand Into a Vibrator
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Vibrators Code #: V-A02372
Say "Hello" to unbelievable on-the-spot vibration. The Hello Touch Vibrator forms to your fingertips and hits the right spot every time. Perfect for solo play or couples.

Retail Price: $99.99
Vibrators Price: $64.99
You Save 35%

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