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Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator

Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator
Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator   Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator   Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator   
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Item #: V-SE-0729-04-3
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Retail Price: $32.99
Vibrators Price: $22.99
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Enjoy non-stop licking when you experience the Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator. This tongue moves at turbo speeds and is sure to push you over the edge.
  • Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator
  • Unbelievably fast and strong
  • Takes 3 AA batteries

  • A really powerful vibrator that isn't too loud
    item description
    The Gyrating Pleasing Flutter is another famous Gyration Sensations vibrator from CalEx, and it doesn't disappoint. The Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator uses a strong gyration motion to lick and shake all over your clitoris.

    The Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator features two unrelenting speeds of gyration. This vibrator has a large handle, and a three inch tongue that flicks and gyrates at unbelievable speeds. If you like clitoral stimulation, you'll love the Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator. Add lots of lube for a feeling that simulates oral sex.

    The Unrelenting Flutter Tongue Vibrator is nine inches long, with a three inch tongue. It comes to a point and flicks, just like a real tongue. Try either speed for incredible vibrations.

    This waterproof vibrator can be used in the shower or tub. It is made of soft, flexible TPE and ABS plastic.

    Takes 3 AA batteries.

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