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Free Erotic Short Stories publishes free erotic short stories through our Readerotica project. Readerotica pays authors for the rights to publish their short stories and then makes those stories available through our website and through eReader downloads. The program has been very successful.

  • Free Erotic Short Stories
  • Authors Are Paid Fairly
  • Stories Distributed Widely for Free
  • Publishes More Free Erotica is pleased to announce the release of ten new free erotic stories for our customers and readers. To compile the best new stories for our Free Erotica page, recruited the best erotic writers, with the most unique and stimulating erotic stories. The result is the most provocative collection of erotica yet. Enjoy this steamy erotica on the Free Erotica page at is dedicated providing women with sex toys, sexual resources and hot erotica in a private, professional and fun environment. Women can access our Free Erotica page from their personal computers, laptops or mobile phones. But we warn women to be careful—consuming erotica this hot could result in rampant vibrator shopping! operates Readerotica, the bestselling e-reader series of hot and sexy erotica for women. Readerotica I is an Amazon bestseller. Subsequent editions of Readerotica have enjoyed similar success. We post each edition of Readerotica on, so women without e-readers can enjoy the best erotica there is.

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    Heat Level: Hot Sex: Straight, Dirty Talk, Teaching A couple watches a movie on a Saturday night. Bored with the movie, she distracts him, asking for a little attention. He agrees, but only if she explicitly states her every desire. Stumbling over her words at first, she soon learns that every wish is granted when she says it out loud.
    Heat Level: Medium Sex: Straight, Ex-Lovers Heat and and light poured through her. “Emmit,” she moaned. All she could feel was his cock, filling her, making her come so hard her teeth went numb. And still he was thrusting in and out. Each thrust playing a different, delicious chord across her body.
    Adjoining Rooms
    Heat Level: Hot Sex: Lesbian, First Time Two friends go to New Orleans for their annual vacation. What starts as an innocent trip ends in mutual erotic exploration.
    Pottery Yarn
    Heat Level: Medium Sex: Straight, Sex Toys, Craftsman When your roommate is a potter, you never know what he might bring home. Dan brings Lila a dildo he's crafted just for her, after hearing her playing with sex toys in her room. Offering to allow Lila to test the prototype, Dan shows off his other special skills as well.
    How I Like My Coffee
    Heat Level: Hot Sex: Straight, Office, Dirty Talk Leanne and Jeff engage in a forbidden tryst in his office between meetings, with lots of dirty talk, mutual pleasure and suspense. See what happens when Leanne doesn't wear panties into work. Read on to find out if they get caught.
    The Couchsurfers
    Heat Level: Hot Sex: Group Sex, Swingers Jack and Naomi are a loving couple with a thing for their young and sexy house guests, Andreas and Carmen. Carmen seduces Jack while Andreas sets his sights on Naomi. A week of sexual tension culminates in an erotic partner switch and incredibly hot sex.
    Forever There, Then Gone
    Heat Level: Mild Sex: Threesome, Literary, Mystery In this erotic tale, we follow a woman as she gets ready for some kind of date. A car picks her up and takes her to an expensive hotel. We feel her nervousness dissipate as she makes love to a woman while a mystery man watches. Soon he joins in and she experiences a new kind of pleasure transaction.
    B&E; &B
    Heat Level: Hot Sex: Lesbian, Bondage, Surprise Melissa arrives home to find an intruder, Gabriella, in her home. She ties the woman up only to find herself taking orders and pleasuring Gabriella, surrendering to restraints and some of her deepest fantasies.
    Full Body
    Heat Level: Hot Sex: Straight, Group Sex, Worship Expecting a relaxing massage, Sarah is surprised to find that it will be preformed by a group of stunningly handsome men. For phase two, she is pleasured by group of 12 men who massage, suck, tease, rub and stroke her. They bring her to orgasm after explosive orgasm.
    Tying Up Loose Ends
    Heat Level: Medium Sex: Straight, Bondage, Oral A game of Truth or Dare reveals the true nature of Aimee and Marshall's relationship. After dating for a month, Aimee is unsure of whether or not Marshall is attracted to her. She starts a game of Truth or Dare and discovers just how to turn him on.
    Flying Through China
    Heat Level: Medium Sex: Straight, Guided Fantasy/Masturbation China Sunflower Thomas, is an accountant in Boulder with red hair and a lover named Jack. One night, at a small get-together, a girlfriend shares her fantasy of a sexy man with long black hair who visits her in St. Croix. The story brings China to the heights of ecstasy but she's not done yet. Jack still has some work to do.
    The Chocolate Dream
    Heat Level: Mild Sex: Straight, Erotic Edibles He passed The Chocolate Dream erotic confectionary shop every day on the way to work. There was something entrancing about those candies, cakes and cookies in the window, but the storeowner herself was even more delicious.
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