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Free Erotica: Blue

Heat Level: Medium

Sex: Straight, Bi-curious, Threesome

They knew they would probably get lucky at a swinging party - that was the whole point. But meeting Blue, a slim and sexy Chinese student, was special luck. The girl was attracted to the couple but still a bit shy about making love to woman, and her well-endowed husband. When the shyness wore off, the three of them kept each other satisfied.


I told her, "You have a beautiful mouth. You know who also kisses nicely? Him," pointing to my husband who was practically salivating by this point, watching the two of us kiss. She turned to him, stood on her tip-toes and kissed him softly. I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger. I whispered to her, "He has a luscious cock too and I love to share."

She said her name was "Blue." Not something more poetic like "azure" or "sky," just Blue. A slim and sexy Chinese student from the university, she had come to the party by herself. My husband and I had already been sizing up the crowd, trying to figure out, between sips of whiskey, who we'd try to get with that night.

There were a few hot couples there but we were pretty undecided. We knew, of course, that we would get lucky somehow, with someone or ones - we have the swing scene down to a science and emit a smoldering seductive vibe with ease. But Blue took me by surprise.

She came up to me while my husband was refilling his drink and introduced herself. In somewhat broken English, she explained that she was new at the university and was looking for an adventure. She offered me a beer from the 6-pack she'd brought. To be polite (and because I do so enjoy a good beer), I accepted and we began talking.

Blue had been in the US for about two months and saw this as her opportunity to, as she put it, to try something she'd never tried at home. I told her, "Well, you've come to the right place, but don't feel like you have to do anything - we all respect the right of someone to say no."

She blushed and lowered her eyes, nearly whispering, "I have never kissed a girl before. I think I'm scared to."

I was about to reassure her that I actually had rather kissable lips if she'd like a try when my husband came up beside us. I introduced them to each other. I could tell by the look in her eyes, that she was trying to hide that she found my husband sexy and intriguing. We sipped and made small talk for about 5 minutes before we took her on a tour of the club.

We passed couples, threesomes and foursomes who had already found rooms in which to fuck. There was one room at the end of the hall that, during the day, served as a massage parlor, complete with a massage table all set up. My husband caught my eye and cocked one eyebrow; I gave a small nod.

"Why don't we stay here for a bit and finish our drinks?" I suggested, knowing full well that we were hoping for more than a chance to drain our glasses. After a minute or two, I asked, "So, Blue, did you want to try kissing a girl? I'm really rather gentle."

Again, she lowered her eyes and stared into her beer. Then, with a "Hold this, please," she passed her bottle to my husband and leaned in, kissing me delicately at first, then with more conviction. She stopped. "Your lips are so soft."

I told her, "You have a beautiful mouth. You know who also kisses nicely? Him," pointing to my husband who was practically salivating by this point, watching the two of us kiss. She turned to him, stood on her tip-toes and kissed him softly. I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger. I whispered to her, "He has a luscious cock too and I love to share."

She seemed nervous, so I told her that I would stay there and either watch or join, depending on how she felt about it. Her black eyes shifted from his gaze to mine. She said, "Well, this is why I came here, right?" and put her hand on his hardness, taking his hand and placing in on her tit. "I would like to fuck you," she told him. To me, she said, "Please stay. Watch. I want to kiss you some more."

"With pleasure," I replied.

Blue stepped closer to my husband and unbuttoned his pants. He helped her out by pulling out his 10-incher and placing her hand on it. She seemed astonished at first. As she stroked him, they kissed and he guided her toward the massage table. I lay down beside her as he hiked up her skirt and removed her panties. I knew what was coming next.

His head lowered and his tongue found its way to her clit. Being together as long as we have, I knew that this was going to be spectacular. I've never known him to go down on a woman without making her cum. Meanwhile, I had stripped down and was stroking her jet black hair as he did his tongue magic. Within moments, she was writhing with pleasure, letting out only the slightest peep of the ecstasy she felt. She turned to me, wild-eyed.

"Kiss me please."

With my tongue, I traced the outline of her lips before pressing my mouth against hers. She took my hand and shyly led it to her exposed breast. Softly, I played with her nipple. Took it in my mouth and gently made tiny little circles until the combination of my tongue and his sent her over the brink. She grabbed my husband's head as her hips thrust toward him and she bucked, coming all over his grateful face. He stood up, smiling, face glistening. "May I fuck you now?" he asked, remembering his manners. Blue merely nodded.

He stood next to the table as she reclined and slowly entered her. She turned to me, amazed, and gasped. He started gently at first, easing his hard cock in and out of her, sensing when she was ready to be fucked harder. I played with my wet pussy while kneading her breast.

Her beautiful black eyes looked through mine and fueled my hunger. I kissed her again, a bit more forcefully. Her eyes closed. Her back arched. My husband's hips moved rhythmically, almost musically. She was about to cum. She gasped at me, "Your husband, he's so big!" I smiled and nodded. "Enjoy."

I made myself cum as I watched my husband's lithe body move gracefully with hers. As she came a third time, she told me again, "Your husband is so big!"

I could sense that he was nearing his finale. He put on the steam and fucked her as deeply and deliberately as possible, staring into her eyes. I fingered my clit, feeling myself on the brink again as well. In a magnificent, one-of-a-kind moment, the three of us climaxed almost simultaneously and collapsed, breathing together in a small heap.

Moments later, Blue was up and dressed. She thanked us and told me that it was nice to know that she liked kissing girls. She inched closer and whispered, "And you are so lucky! Your husband is quite good and quite big." I smiled and kissed her cheek. "I am lucky."

Not long afterward, Blue made her way to the exit. She left without giving us her number, or her real name. She was Blue. And she was gone.


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