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Deep Throat Spray

Deep Throat Spray
Deep Throat Spray    Deep Throat Spray    Deep Throat Spray    Deep Throat Spray    
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This strawberry flavored Deep Throat Oral Desensitizer works to numb your gag reflex and tongue. If you're worried about your gag reflex, relax and remember that it's natural.
  • A strawberry-flavored desensitizer
  • Numbs your throat
  • Contains 7.5% benzocaine
  • item description
    Deep Throat is a strawberry-flavored oral desensitizer that can make oral sex easier to perform. Deep Throat numbs the back of your throat in an effort to quell your gag reflex, making deep throating more comfortable. This is a great spray to try if you want to perform a different kind of oral sex trick.

    Directions for use: Spray lightly to produce a slight numbing effect over the desired area, 10 minutes before contact.

    Active ingredient: Benzocaine 7.5% in a water soluble base.

    Each bottle contains 2 oz.

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