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Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator

Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator
Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator   Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator   Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator   
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The Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator is a wildly powerful g-spot vibe that delivers unrelenting vibrations directly to your g-spot that are sure to make you explode with desire!
  • 8.5" x 1.75"
  • Waterproof and Rechargeable
  • 12 Vibration Speeds and 8 Patterns

  • A really strong vibrator that isn't terribly loud, really powerful
    item description
    Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator

    Why We Love the Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator

    We love the Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator because itís a high-quality silicone G-spot vibrator with amazingly levels of both power and customization. Not only did it achieve our highest rating of Unrelenting - meaning itís seriously, orgasmically powerful - it also features an incredible 12 vibration speeds and 8 vibration patterns, easily cycled through using the three-button controls at the base of the vibrator. Itís also 100% waterproof and comes with a luxury storage bag, so you can take it on the go or in the shower and bring your pleasure with you anywhere!

    The Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator is part of the Fifty Shades Darker Pleasure Collection, a collection of premium sex toys and romantic gifts for lovers inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey film series. While most product lines associated with movies are quite gimmicky and often poorly-made, the wide variety of items in this pleasure collection are actually rather high quality, and you can tell that they were designed with real healthy sex lives in mind. We are proud to stock them here at, where we carry only the best in sex toys and romantic gifts.

    About the Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator

    The Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator is a waterproof, USB-rechargeable G-spot vibrator made primarily from silicone with a decorative band of ABS plastic. The Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator is 8.5 inches long, and has a diameter of 1.75 inches at its widest point. The Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator features an impressive 12 vibration speeds and 8 vibration patterns.

    How does the Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator Feel?

    The Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibratorís slender shaft and slightly bulbous tip ensure that it slides in easily and puts the pleasure of pressure right where you want it, reaching back to hit most any G-spot with its 8.5 inch length. Itís made primarily from top-quality silicone so it feels silky-smooth inside and out. It packs two motors, but unlike most dual motor vibrators, which split the vibrations over two portions (for example, a clitoral and internal stimulator), the Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibratorís motors are both in the shaft, to create unrelentingly powerful vibrations throughout. It also features an impressive 12 vibration speeds and 8 vibration patterns, allowing you to harness just the right amount of that incredible power in just the right pattern to make your desire explode.

    Use and Special Instructions

    The Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator is a waterproof, rechargeable silicone vibrator that comes with a charging cord that plugs into any USB outlet. The Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator can be used with any water-based personal lubricant, and should be cleaned with antibacterial sex toy cleaner or soap and water.

    Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator Facts

  • Vibrator Type: G-Spot Vibrator
  • Length: 8.5 inches
  • Diameter: 1.75 inches
  • Material: Phthalate-free, latex-free silicone and ABS plastic
  • SmoothTwelve vibration speeds
  • Eight vibration patterns
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Best for: internal stimulation of the G-spot

    Who will love the Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator:
    • Women who love G-spot stimulation
    • Women who want a vibrator with a lot of customizable settings
    • Fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey series

    Understanding Sound and Vibration

    Here at, we test each and every vibrator for vibration and sound levels. Our Vibrator Institute doesn't test vibrators the way you might think; instead, we use scientific equipment that reads vibration and decibel levels. Based on these levels, each vibrator we sell gets a rating. The Power Level ratings are Gentle, Pleasurable, Intense and Unrelenting. The Sound Level ratings are Whisper, Purr, Hum, Buzz and Thundering. The Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator has a rating of Unrelenting Buzz. This means it vibrates at the highest speeds, and has a somewhat loud sound level.

    If we don't like the look, feel, sound or vibration level of a sex toy, we don't sell it. That's why only sells about 300 vibrators. There are tens of thousands of vibrators on the market, and that's a lot for a customer to wade through. We offer only the best vibrators, so you can choose the best vibrator for you in the easiest way possible.

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