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The prices on these Vibrators and Sex Toys keeps dropping. Lower and lower they go until the items sell out, then we find new items. When will you decide to buy? Will you buy your new vibrator today or try to wait until next month and risk missing out? Buy today. You'll receive the item you like at an already great price.

Sweet Obsession Euphoria Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-0031-10-3
The Sweet Obsession Euphoric Vibrator comes with a rechargeable battery and battery charger. It is a waterproof vibrator made from the finest materials.

Retail Price: $69.99
Vibrators Price: $14.00
You Save 80%

Vibrating Tongue Cock Ring
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-1803-10-2
The Vibrating Tongue Cock Ring is waterproof and features seven levels of pulsation, escalation and vibration. This couple's sex toy gives her amazing pleasure.

Retail Price: $29.99
Vibrators Price: $9.00
You Save 70%

Organza Couture Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-4570-20-3
The large Organza Vibrator is one of our favorites. It vibrates at intense speeds, and features ridges that feel amazing on your skin.

Retail Price: $59.99
Vibrators Price: $17.99
You Save 70%

Lover's Crystal Collection
Vibrators Code #: COP-CRYSTAL
The Lover's Crystal Sex Toy Collection is a great way to expand (or start!) your very own collection of adult toys. It includes ben-wa balls, vibrators and more.

Retail Price: $49.99
Vibrators Price: $14.99
You Save 70%

Couture Collection Masseur
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-4575-04-3
The Couture Collection Masseur is a clitoral vibrator that's made from soft, velvet-touch silicone. This vibrator features seven functions of vibration.

Retail Price: $34.99
Vibrators Price: $13.99
You Save 60%

Voila Rechargeable Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-2145-14-3
The Voila Vibrator is a small clitoral vibrator with seven speeds and vibration patterns. This rechargeable vibrator fits in the palm of your hand.

Retail Price: $39.99
Vibrators Price: $19.99
You Save 50%

Neon Nites Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: V-PD1420-11
The Neon Nites Vibrator is a bendable vibrator that purrs at three powerful speeds. This vibrator is waterproof, phthalate-free and body-safe.

Retail Price: $31.99
Vibrators Price: $15.99
You Save 50%

Intense Vibrations Kit - A Vibrating Ring, Finger Vibe & Condoms
Vibrators Code #: V110605C
The Intense Vibrations Kit, from the makers of ONE condoms, contains a vibrating cock ring, a finger vibrator, six condoms, and lube. For safe and sexy nights.

Retail Price: $29.99
Vibrators Price: $14.99
You Save 50%

Lelo Adore Me - With the Mia 2 Vibrator & Handcuffs
Vibrators Code #: V7762
Experience the languid pleasure of adoration with Lelo's Adore Me Pleasure Set. This kit comes with a premium vibrator, silk handcuffs, and a silk blindfold.

Retail Price: $179.99
Vibrators Price: $89.99
You Save 50%

Lelo Indulge Me - Luxury Couples' Vibrator, Blindfold & Teaser
Vibrators Code #: V7700
The Lelo Indulge Me Set includes the Lelo Noa, a premium vibrator that is worn during sex to stimulate her g-spot and clitoris. Includes a luxury feather teaser and silk blindfold for incredible fun.

Retail Price: $199.99
Vibrators Price: $99.99
You Save 50%

One Touch Vibrating Cock Ring
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-1809-00-3
The One Touch Vibrating Cock Ring is a vibrating cock ring with a clitoral stimulator for her, and an anal stimulator for him.

Retail Price: $29.99
Vibrators Price: $14.99
You Save 50%

Lover's Wand Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-0740-14-2
The Lover's Wand is a powerful vibrator that features an ultra-strong tip. Use this vibrator for g-spot massage or clitoral pleasure.

Retail Price: $25.99
Vibrators Price: $12.99
You Save 50%

Discretion Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-4577-04-3
The Couture Collection Discretion Vibrator was made to slip inside your panties. It contours to your shape to provide you with seven vibration functions.

Retail Price: $29.99
Vibrators Price: $14.99
You Save 50%

Vibro Wings Wearable Vibrator
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-0598-15-3
The Vibro Wing Vibrator is a wearable butterfly vibrator that is hands-free. Straps allow this vibrator to stay put against your clitoris and labia.

Retail Price: $24.99
Vibrators Price: $12.49
You Save 50%

Cherish Vibrator - Unique Shape
Vibrators Code #: COP-SE-0031-04-3
The Cherish Vibrator comes with a rechargeable vibrator. This ten-function, waterproof vibrator has a unique shape with clitoral ticklers.

Retail Price: $49.99
Vibrators Price: $24.99
You Save 50%

100 Vibrators for $149.99
Vibrators Code #: V-100-VIBE
Need vibrators for a party or event? Buy 100 Mini Vibrators for a very low price. These small, hard-shell vibrators vibrate intensely and are sure to please.

Retail Price: $999.00
Vibrators Price: $149.99
You Save 85%

10 Mini Vibes for $19.99
Vibrators Code #: V-10-VIBE
Need vibrators for a party or event? Buy 10 Mini Vibrators for a low price. These small, hard-shell vibrators vibrate intensely and are sure to please.

Retail Price: $99.90
Vibrators Price: $19.99
You Save 80%

Free Vibrator With Your Order - Order Now.
Vibrators Code #: 1-FREE-VIBE is happy to offer you this free gift with any order. Place it in your shopping cart and we'll choose your gift from an assortment of sex toys and accessories.

Retail Price: $9.95
Vibrators Price: $0.00
You Save 100% is our page of dynamically priced items. These items and prices are not available elsewhere, only on this page. We can offer you these deals because is one of the world's largest, and certainly the most private retailer of sex toys in the world. We've used our size and sales clout to find clearance items for you. Then, once we find the clearance items, we buy a bunch of them, put them here and keep dropping the price until people take them all. If we buy too many vibrators, the price can get pretty darned low.

What's the catch? Well, typically only sells the best of the best. We are incredibly choosy about the items we offer. We typically test every toy for vibration level, sound output, ease of use, and construction quality. items however, are not chosen as carefully, they aren't bad sex toys, you'll find them on the shelves of every other sex toy retailer, they just didn't originally meet our stringent requirements. But man, the only way to beat these prices is to check back next month!

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