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You are a Curious Cathy if you're new to the world of sex toys and looking for an adventure. Find Your Best Vibrator suggestions here!

If you're curious about vibrators or sex toys, is the place to go. We sell all sorts of starter vibrators and sex toys.
Curious Cathy - New to Sex Toys? Start Here.
New to the world of vibrators and sex toys? This is a great place to start. This page is for you if you're a first time vibrator buyer who's curious about exciting new sexual possibilities and adventures. We carry all kinds of fun, discreet vibrators that are perfect for the novice. We are proud to offer vibrators that add a new, exciting dimension to solo or partner play. Get acquainted with the best vibrator for you here at

If you need a primer on what type of vibrator is right for you, please visit our Vibrator Types informational page. It includes lists of vibrators sorted by the kinds of stimulation they offer (such as G-spot, clitoral, vaginal, etc.).

We think the vibrators listed below are perfect choices for the first time user. They're popular, inexpensive and easy to operate. Our favorite first time toys:

Wondering how to use your first vibrator? See our How to Have An Orgasm guide for tips and suggestions.

Shopping with your lover for a first time sex toy? Try a vibrating penis ring or a bullet vibrator to add vibrating stimulation to lovemaking. These vibrators are small enough to be used during sex without being intrusive, and they add incredible sensations that will push you both over the edge. Another fun toy that gives your lover total control is our waterproof remote controlled vibrator. He can control your pleasure from up to twenty feet away! Our favorite toys for couples:

Not sure how to introduce your new toys into the bedroom? Take a look at our How To on this topic for surefire methods.

After you choose the best first time vibrator for you, make sure to head to the Lotions and Potions page to purchase a compatible lubricant. Then navigate to our Batteries, Etc. page to pick up batteries and adult toy cleaner. You'll be all set to get started when your vibrator arrives.

A Great First Vibrator
Item Code: V13388B
This classic vibrator is perfect for first-timers and any woman who enjoys a hard, strong vibrator. A slim, simple, approachable vibrator: The My First Vibrator.
Retail Price: $27.99
Vibrators Price: $17.99
You Save 36%

Jack Rabbit Vibrator
Item Code: V4959
The Jack Rabbit is our most popular vibrator. This particular rabbit vibrator moves and shakes with the best of them at an affordable price.
Retail Price: $49.99
Vibrators Price: $24.99
You Save 50%

Pretty Purple Dildo - 7 Inches
Item Code: V18013B
The Pretty Purple Dildo is our most popular dildo. This dildo is pliable and ribbed, and seven inches long, with a two inch diameter. This dildo is the perfect combination of stiff and soft.
Retail Price: $29.99
Vibrators Price: $19.99
You Save 33%

The Magic Wand - Now With Free Lube
Item Code: COMBO-S13445
The famous plug-in vibrator. This vibrator is ultra-powerful, strong and reliable. The Magic Wand is a clitoral vibrator with many attachment options.
Retail Price: $89.99
Vibrators Price: $59.99
You Save 33%

Screaming O Vibrating Penis Ring
Item Code: V24632
Want to try a vibrating penis ring? The Screaming O is an inexpensive, disposable vibrating penis ring with lots of zip. The Screaming O is a great first-time purchase.
Retail Price: $14.99
Vibrators Price: $6.99
You Save 53%

Turn Your Man Into A Rabbit Vibrator
Item Code: V16351B
Make your man into the famous rabbit vibrator with the Rabbit Penis Ring. This soft rabbit stimulates you with fluttering paws and ears and a removable multi-speed bullet.
Retail Price: $39.99
Vibrators Price: $24.99
You Save 38%

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